Hello Spring: ASOS Fashion Lovelies of the Week

Last week I was browsing through some fashion pieces on ASOS and found some new, beautiful pieces for my wardrobe. These are my latest ASOS fashion … [Read More...]


Swarovski princess: the Cinderella collection of jewelry

Swarovski crystals have played a supporting role in some of Hollywood’s most memorable cinematic moments ever since the emergence of the silver … [Read More...]

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Praying for the families of those lost in the A320 Crash

Yesterday the ‪#‎Germanwings‬ A320 passenger plane went down in the French Alps with 150 people onboard. Our whole staff is shocked and sad and we … [Read More...]


Sneak Peek: Donnafugata Golf Resort in Sicily

In April I will travel to Sicily to explore the luxury five-star Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA - a heavenly place for anyone wishing to experience … [Read More...]

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barefaced and beautiful

Barefaced and Beautiful

I've been supporting the barefaced and beautiful campaign for a while now and still think it's a very important matter. Initially this campaign was founded by the Renfrew Center Foundation. Throughout one week, women were asked to go … [Read More...]


EUBOS dermatological skincare: Hyaluron Repair & Fill

My mom has been working in the cosmetic and dermatological industry for many years so that our whole family was confronted with thousands of skincare myths, stories and tips. During my teenage years it was pretty annoying, especially when … [Read More...]


Beauty Tips: Soft Lips for Valentine’s Day

It doesn't matter whether you are single or in a relationship, we should all take care of our lips - especially during the cold winter season. These are my personal beauty tips for soft, pink lips: 1. Lip Scrubbing Lip scrubbing helps you … [Read More...]

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