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Be PONO! JUCKER HAWAII Longboard for street style enthusiasts

The „PONO“ (Hawaiian for justice) is a great fast-cruiser. The artwork was created by the renown surf artist Erik Abel: it shows Honolua Bay, the famous surf spot and the home of … [Read More...]

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Fitness diary: What you can learn from a bad run

  Today I had a VERY bad run. Unfortunately, they occur more often than we think, but over time we learn to take the good with the bad. On women's running I read about these 10 questions … [Read More...]

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Beauty junkies: 3 Snapchat accounts you should follow

  If you LOVE Snapchat, and you're obsessed with beauty you will want to swot up on the best people to follow; from A-list celebrities to beauty vloggers who are killing it with their snaps. Explore the app's full potential when … [Read More...]

Alpine Golden Moments: Luxury Spa InterContinental Davos

On my hiking trip to Graubünden I got to check out the famous Alpine Spa at the InterContinental in Davos and immediately fell in love. The magic of Davos is finding new expression in the InterContinental Davos Resort and Spa. Set on the … [Read More...]

Summer Outfit: Mint & Berry and ASOS

Although summer is not really here, YET, I refuse to wear anything else but my lovely summer dresses. This shot is from my Instagram account where I recently introduced my favorite outfit of the day wearing this cute dress by Mint & … [Read More...]

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