Sunshine Blonde

I love summer 'cause it brings out my inner sunshine - except when it comes to my hair. I just spent a few days in Sicily, Italy, and spent all days … [Read More...]


Summer Beauty Special: How to fight Cellulite

No matter the season, a toned bottom and smooth, sculpted thighs rank high on many women's most-wanted body wish lists. Well, there is good news and … [Read More...]

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V’s 12 Week Fintess Challenge


12 week fitness challenge: week 3

I needed to rest for a few days so that I am one week behind, which means that I will now start with week 3. Actually, I am quite optimistic, but I … [Read More...]


12 week fitness challenge: week 2

Summary week 1 Well, I have to admit: last week was pretty tough, since I had to face additional challenges... I am honest: I wasn't able to meet all … [Read More...]

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Fashion Statement: I like Stripes

Horizontal stripes make you look fat? A jersey dress is way too casual to wear for a party? Well, guess what - I don't care 'cause I like stripes and sometimes I just prefer it casual. So, why does it always have to be so complicated when … [Read More...]


Oh Sunny Day: Jetsetter Fashion Essentials For Your Travels

March and April are probably one of the busiest months for me this year, so that I work and travel a lot before things calm down again at the end of this months. So, for all jetsetter and fashionistas out there, I put together my favorite … [Read More...]


Hello Spring: ASOS Fashion Lovelies of the Week

Last week I was browsing through some fashion pieces on ASOS and found some new, beautiful pieces for my wardrobe. These are my latest ASOS fashion lovelies: oversized duster coat, flirty dress and this cute clutch. Just a little side … [Read More...]

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