The golden season: perfect for a lovely road trip with a golden Ford Mustang

Autumn is a golden season: it's so cozy and magical - just perfect for a hopelessly romantic princess like me. This weekend I fell in love - I fell in … [Read More...]

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V’s Fitness World

My new fitness challenge: fit and healthy during fall and winter season

I have already announced it on my social channels, it's time for another fitness challenge: getting fit and healthy during fall and winter season. … [Read More...]

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Fashion Bits

Put on your comfy coats and embrace the season of fireworks and bonfires

Fall is a time of transition, as leaves change color and temperatures slowly swing from the highs of summer to the lows of winter. I say: screw the November blues and embrace the magic of the season - a season of fireworks and bonfires. So, … [Read More...]

Country Style

I just love Sundays. Whether it's a good read on your sofa, a relaxing afternoon down at the riverside, cuddling with your beloved one - I think it is the perfect day to relax and take it easy. I personally prefer a trip to the mountains, … [Read More...]

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Random Beauty Stuff

Sleeping Beauty: the importance of sleep for a beautiful skin

Scientists have demonstrated the importance of deep sleep on skin quality. Whether we know it or not, the body’s internal clock operates on a 24-hour cycle called its circadian rhythms. These rhythms orchestrate a number of biological … [Read More...]

Mango – health and beauty benefits

During my last trip to Port Adriano, I officially became addicted to Mangos: Mango fruit salad, Mango milk shake, Mango pure - I just cannot get enough of this yummy fruit. Here are some beauty benefits you should know: 1. They boost … [Read More...]

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