Watch out for these car rental scams! #recordrentacar

I once made a promise to never write an article when I am angry or when I feel misunderstood and I always stick to it.  So, this article is a personal … [Read More...]

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V’s Fitness World


Impressions from our Watzmann tour: these are my hiking gear essentials

Since I recently went on a "little" hiking adventure, doing the Watzmann tour, I decided to share some of my personal hiking gear favorites with you. … [Read More...]

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country denim

Country Style

I just love Sundays. Whether it's a good read on your sofa, a relaxing afternoon down at the riverside, cuddling with your beloved one - I think it is the perfect day to relax and take it easy. I personally prefer a trip to the mountains, … [Read More...]

Dear Goods Online Shop

Fair Fashion: Dear Goods fashion store in Munich

The term "fair trade” has been popping up for quite a while and has become one of these trendy marketing slogans, so that I am generally more skeptical when a brand promotes its goods with a fair trade logo. Recently our editorial fashion … [Read More...]

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Mango – health and beauty benefits

During my last trip to Port Adriano, I officially became addicted to Mangos: Mango fruit salad, Mango milk shake, Mango pure - I just cannot get enough of this yummy fruit. Here are some beauty benefits you should know: 1. They boost … [Read More...]


Beach Beauty: beauty tips for your day at the beach

Summer is finally here and if I had a say at all, it could stay like this forever. :-) wearing nothing but your bikini, endless warm summer nights, a beautiful tan all year long... These are my five personal beauty tips for your day at … [Read More...]

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