My favorite tanning mousse for the cold season: St. Tropez bronzing mousse

kate-mossI don’t know about you, but I miss summer – the ocean, the beach, warm rays of sunshine and a nice tan… Since I am not a huge fan of tanning beds, I often use tanning mouse throughout the cold season. This way, I just look healthier and it somehow makes me feel better. Quite a while ago I received an awesome test package from St. Tropez so that I got to try several of their products.

My absolute favorite: the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. This one just became part of my beauty essentials and is always in my little travel case 🙂 This super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse delivers that ultra-even all-over tan you’ve always wanted. Simply sweep on with an Applicator Mitt for a beautiful even tan. It is perfect for anyone looking to get a natural-looking, streak-free golden tan that dries in an instant. Whether you’re a first-time tanner or a total pro, their tinted formula will ensure you know where to apply your tan for a perfect application, everytime.


AND, most importantly, it does not have this awful smell. Believe me, I’ve tried several self tanning products and most of them had this awful fragrance so that I immediately had to take a shower and use my L’Occitane Primrose body lotion to cover it. Thus, I was very surprised when using this tanning mousse by St. Tropez. Infused with conditioning aloe vera and long-lasting color, this innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. Never orange, the St. Tropez bronzing mousse always gives a beautiful, golden color.

So now I can go back to my travels with a lovely looking tan 🙂


photo credentials: V’s World, in collaboration with St. Tropez

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